Thursday, May 04, 2006

Art & Poetry at Cornerhouse

The Bitch may be a stay-at-home but she has her moles. One reports back from last night's Cornerhouse launch of Linda Chase's new collection of poems from Carcanet, Extended Family, and brings back some poignant and funny poems inside a bright funky cover. Apparently the reading was great and there were very tasty snacks (The Bitch is drooling now) nibbled amongst the current exhibition of Mexican women artists.

Even The Bitch comes out now and then though, blinking into the light of day and those buzzy, huzzy Manc streets, and last weekend I slipped into this very exhibition. It was late, and the galleries were due to close by the time I settled to watch the harrowing film about girl prostitutes in Gallery Two, but already, when the nice curator came and told me nicely to get the heck out, sling my hook and do one, I was in floods of tears. I'll definitely be going back to watch it properly.

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