Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Net Value

Thanks to Zoe Margolis for the link to a Guardian article today by John Crace questioning whether material published on the web can afterwards have any financial value, and her own counterpoint argument in the comments section.

And in the same edition John Crace gives good giggle as usual over the morning cuppa, with a digested read of the novel harshly critiqued on Saturday by Pankaj Mishra: Don Delillo's This Falling Man:
Keith had been alive for six days now yet all he could feel was the symbolism of his alienation. The planes had hit, but everyone else was missing. Even the living were missing each other. Missing themselves. Deep.

Up above the New York skyline, she saw a man dangling from a rope. It was a performance artist. The Falling Man. Lianne felt her guts cramp with poignancy. The image of the towers. He was falling. She was falling. And the critics would certainly fall for it.
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