Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dumber and dumber

Sarah Crown expresses eloquently the reaction of many of us to the shock news that the BBC, sponsor of the National Short Story Award and promoting itself there as 'the world's leading broadcaster of short stories and a staunch and long-time supporter of the form', is to reduce its Radio 4 output to one story a week. It's not so long ago that there was a story every single weekday afternoon, and it's depressing how quickly the contraction has taken place. Goodness knows what's behind the decision - it doesn't seem we need more news or current affairs (which will replace it), and I'd be surprised if the audience for the story slot has dwindled, given the the growing popularity of the form

Do sign the petition set up by author Susie Maguire and Ian Skillicorn, director of National Short Story Week, asking the BBC to reverse such an incomprehensible decision.
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