Saturday, April 04, 2009

Kettles, Cages and Clean-ups

I'm sorry to have been silent for a while. I got stuck inside my own head, the way you sometimes do as a writer, and got to that stage where I just needed to get out and away and look at the outside world instead. So I borrowed someone's London flat and went walking and here are some of the things I saw:

A clean-up operation on the River Lee:

Some very nice polite schoolboys:

Environmental protesters on a bus stop in Bishopsgate:

Lib Dem Shadow Climate Change Secretary Simon Hughes and an environmental campaigner:

Some dancing environmental campaigners:

The City of London police in formation across Bishopsgate:

A very nice polite policeman:

The kettle in Threadneedle St not yet steaming:

Every exit barred:

Business as usual on the Millennium Bridge:

Three hunched figures and beds like cages in the Tate Modern:

John Siddique launching his Salt poetry collection, Recital: An Almanac under a beautiful moon at the National Portrait Gallery:

A lovely part of the (I presume) cleaned-up Regent's Canal:

Some more caged creatures:

Some free birds in a cultivated park:

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