Friday, November 16, 2007

A Roar for Powerful Words

Well, I'm flattered enough to groom my whiskers: Charles Lambert has awarded me a Shameless Lions Roar for Powerful Words, but I'm also circling in my cage. One of the responsibilities this carries is to list three things which in my view characterize powerful writing, and here I am gnawing the thing to bits as usual: I mean, what are we taking about here, fiction or non-fiction? And is the implication that as award-winners, we KNOW, and have the secrets to impart - in which case, forget it, I'm rendered wordless, it's like, er, asking a lion to deconstruct how he roars?

But no, look, the other responsibility here is to nominate five others, and the following (although I know some have already received the award) demonstrate to me the three most important qualities of powerful writing: seriousness of intent, wit in execution and economy and/or vividness with language:

Jenny Diski
The Age of Uncertainty
That's So Pants
Baroque in Hackney
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