Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Mother of All Titles

Adele Geras ponders on the Guardian books blog whether novels sell best with straightforward titles.

I've always thought a concrete title (not necessarily straightforward, but offering a strong image) is best, but can only think of an abstract one for my latest work. My mother, although I didn't ask her, is trying her best to help me think of another, and this is how our conversations go:

Mother of the Bitch: How about 'Footprints'?

Bitch: What? Footprints? Why footprints?

MOB: Because it's about someone following on in another person's footsteps.

B: No it's not!!! It's the opposite! And anyway, there are no footprints in the book - if you use an image it's got to have been in the book.

MOB: Well, then, how about 'So the bough breaks'?

B: What? What's it got to do with boughs? And don't you mean branch? It's not a nineteenth century poem written by a maiden aunt, it's a modern novel written by me!!!

MOB: Well, I still think Footprints is smashing...

She's very sweet, you know. It's just sometimes I could throttle her.
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