Monday, June 25, 2007

Cults and Culture

Today Mark Ravenhill writes about 'the cult of Story' led by master-class script guru Robert McKee and followed by film industry professionals world wide, and expresses the thoughts of the Bitch exactly:
It's a sinister conspiracy no one's talking about... It's spreading through movies, television drama, fiction writing for adults and children. It's beginning to creep into the theatre. It's a cult with thousands of glassy-eyed members.
Rather than relying on skill, taste and discretion in the difficult task of script-reading, he tells us, script editors and directors, schooled in McKee's writing-by-numbers formula, will say things like this to a writer: 'I'm missing the initiating incident on page 28'. Challenging forms are dying from our culture as a result.

Hooray for Ravenhill, I say. And he's right about the silence of everyone else: McKee has been going for years now, for years now we have had endorsing flyers about his seminars from the Writers' Guild, and a generation of industry professionals have his words seeping from their pores. Why has no one, to my knowledge, challenged it before? A cult indeed.
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