Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's All Relative

Children's laureate Jacqueline Wilson answers a question for the Guardian:

How do you feel when you read reports of how fabulously wealthy you must be?

I wish it were true. It's very odd. People see JK Rowling and assume that if you are high-profile children's author you're in a similar position. I certainly earn far more money than I ever dreamed possible, but give or take a lovely house for me, a nice house for my daughter, a few treats for friends, money there in case I gently lose it myself and need a nursing home, there's not huge wads of money. I'm very small beer compared with actresses and rock singers.

The Bitch (who is reliant on someone else for a roof over her head, whose kids will have to get their own houses, and who when she loses it anything but gently will no doubt be off into the sunset with a plastic bag or two) has to smile.


Unknown said...

Oh dear, poor, poor small beer J.W.

Ms Baroque said...

So, she's saying she's worth at least a couple of million then. Let's not forget Tracy Beaker. (Oh, let's.)

I pay nearly half my take-home in rent. Furthermore I've just had a taste of life on the NHS - it's clear I've got to think of a plan, & fast.

Debi said...

Smiling with you!

apprentice said...

It's all relative isn't it. JK, McCall Smith and Banks or Rankin all live on the same posh street in Edinburgh - it's called Writers' Block by their postman.

Steerforth said...

Yes it is funny, but I can't begrudge JW her money. I've done two events with her and on both occasions she signed for eight hours non-stop (not even a loo break) and was charming to both the children and staff.

My wrath is reserved for JK.

Elizabeth Baines said...

You're right, it would be very hard indeed to get angry with JW!

Jan said...

I met JW when she came to our LitFest.
She was dressed completely in black, with a ring glittering on every finger; she treats herself to one each time a book is published.
And she's actually great, a lovely person.
She's a strong straight talking lady; I think her comments re spending her money are merely very honest ones.