Sunday, February 25, 2007

Literary Credentials

Here's a giggle, courtesy of Cristina Odone, Observer, today:
Emma Soames, editor of Saga magazine, whose career took off when she was appointed editor of the Literary Review, attributes her success to being mistaken for a book-loving bluestocking. 'In fact,' she cheekily confesses, 'my only literary qualification was to have had an affair with Martin Amis.'


Steerforth said...

Well she certainly f***ed the Telegraph magazine when she took it over. One minute it was a quirky, well-researched journal that bore little relation to the Telegraph's Conservative/conservative agenda; the next it was a posh 'Hello' magazine with fatuous 'lifestyle' articles about the rich and famous.

Ms Baroque said...


Cailleach said...

Even if I had done that, I'd never confess - I think Ms Baroque has it in one!